About Transforming Health

The State Government is committed to transforming our healthcare system to provide the quality care, effectiveness and adaptability that South Australians expect and deserve.

Our current healthcare system

Over the last decade, every major hospital has been upgraded across the State and our new Royal Adelaide Hospital will be one of the best modern hospitals in the world. We now need to design a health system that will match our world-class infrastructure – one that embraces innovation, takes full advantage of technology and new advances in medical treatments and is flexible to meet the challenges of the future.

We want a quality healthcare system that provides best care, first time, every time.

The Clinical Advisory Committees, SA Health staff, community and industry organisations agreed on six quality principles necessary to transform our system. They said a quality, world-class health system is:

  1. Patient centred
  2. Safe
  3. Effective
  4. Accessible
  5. Efficient, and
  6. Equitable.

For further explanation of these principles, please read the Transforming Health Discussion Paper (PDF 1140KB).

Quality Standards and System Implications

The Clinical Advisory Committees developed 284 quality standards that need to be applied to our metropolitan hospital services.

Many of the standards developed can be achieved without reconfiguring the system but around 50 cannot be achieved with the way our hospital system is currently set up. We have a responsibility to change our system so that these standards can be met because they are about improving quality and consistency of care across our system so that people receive better healthcare and have better health outcomes.

You can find out more about these standards in the Transforming Health Discussion Paper (PDF 1140KB).

Our Next Steps

On 17 March 2015, the Minister for Health released Delivering Transforming Health – Our Next Steps (PDF 1352KB), which outlined our next steps for transforming South Australia’s healthcare system.

The next steps were based on extensive input, feedback and ideas provided by the community, our staff and the industry.

Find out about the projects that have been implemented or are currently underway as part of Transforming Health.

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