Transforming Health update

7 June 2017

As Transforming Health initiatives progress, we are seeing many positive outcomes. Hospitals are providing patients with the best possible care, showing that the changes made under Transforming Health are effective.

Modbury Hospital and Lyell McEwin Hospital have seen some remarkable outcomes because of changes to the delivery of surgical services.

There has been a 46 percent increase in day surgeries performed at Modbury Hospital, which equates to an average of 58 extra day surgeries per month since the Transforming Health changes have come into effect.

There have also been improvements in waiting times for elective surgery. As at November 2016, there were 40 overdue elective surgeries for Modbury Hospital and Lyell McEwin Hospital. At the end of April 2017 there was only one elective surgery overdue.

Concentrating complex and emergency surgery at the Lyell McEwin Hospital also means fewer surgeries at Modbury Hospital are cancelled at the last minute, as the operating theatres do not need to be used for emergency patients. Data shows 99 percent of elective surgery patients at Modbury Hospital are admitted on the day that their surgery is planned.

Patients are also being admitted from our Emergency Departments sooner, with a 20 percent improvement at Lyell McEwin Hospital in admitted patients seen within four hours and a five percent improvement at Modbury Hospital.

The implementation of new models of care across the health system has also led to great results.

The new Stroke Model of Care allows people with stroke symptoms to be taken by ambulance directly to a stroke unit 24 hours of the day, where they will be seen by experienced staff with access to essential clinical expertise and equipment. In February 2017, people admitted to a dedicated stroke unit went home on average 29 hours earlier than in February 2016. Flinders Medical Centre achieved the greatest improvement with an average reduction of 39 hours in February 2017, compared to February 2016.

More stroke patients are now receiving routine physiotherapy assessments. The Lyell McEwin Hospital has made dramatic improvements in timely access to physiotherapy assessment, with 90 percent of patients receiving routine assessments in the year up to February 2017.

The new Model of Care for Rehabilitation Services will also allow around 70 more full time staff employed across the health system, including allied health, tele-rehabilitation and nurses.

As part of the model of care, we have introduced additional ambulatory rehabilitation services, meaning more patients will receive their rehabilitation in the most appropriate setting, which may be their own home.

Since Transforming Health started we have seen a reduction in the average length of stay in our metropolitan hospitals. Patients are spending seven hours less in our hospitals this year, compared to last year. This is despite more admissions to our hospitals than ever before.