St Margaret’s Rehabilitation Hospital and Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre

Rehabilitation is most successful when it starts as soon as the patient is ready but stand-alone rehabilitation facilities can only provide rehabilitation care to patients who are medically stable.
Stand-alone services cannot provide the medical speciality care needed to manage a person’s medical condition.

  • Rehabilitation services currently provided at Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre will be integrated into our metropolitan hospitals so that rehabilitation can start as soon as the patient is ready.
  • Statewide acute rehabilitation services for brain injury, including stroke, and spinal injury patients will be provided at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital.
  • A statewide centre for long-term, post-acute rehabilitation will be established at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, caring for patients with spinal or brain injuries and who have an associated behavioural disorder.
  • Outpatient care will be provided for patients at clinics located at sites where inpatient treatments are provided. For example, outpatient services for general rehabilitation will be provided at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
  • A major rehabilitation centre will be established at Modbury Hospital to care for patients from Adelaide’s north-eastern suburbs.
  • Dialysis services currently provided at Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre will relocate to the GP Super Clinic, recently built alongside the Centre.
  • Patients awaiting placement across Central Adelaide will be supported in nurse-led restorative care site to be determined.

Rehabilitation services at St Margaret’s Rehabilitation Hospital have already transitioned to Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre.

Future use of the sites

Under Transforming Health, programs like wheelchair basketball and services like the hydrotherapy pool will continue to be provided at Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre, and the future use of the site will be determined in consultation the Centre’s other users.

St Margaret’s Rehabilitation Hospital will become a dedicated community health asset and will continue to have a health focus.

These changes will not happen immediately and you will be kept up to date with any changes at The Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre and St Margaret’s Rehabilitation Hospital before they happen.

Useful documents

Information for Staff

Information about the next steps for Transforming Health and St Margaret’s Rehabilitation Hospital and Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre are outlined in Delivering Transforming Health – Our Next Steps.

Reconfiguring how we deliver our services may mean changing the ways we work and, for some, where, at what times and in teams that are formed in new ways. With change will come opportunities for our staff to develop in their roles, enhance their skill sets, and demonstrate their capacities to lead.

Transforming Health is the beginning of the conversation. As we work to decide the models of care that will best serve our goal of truly patient-centred care, consultation will continue with clinicians, staff and the unions that represent them.

Useful documents for staff

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