SA Ambulance Service

For many people, their patient journey starts with an emergency situation where an ambulance is called. The skills and expertise of our highly trained paramedic clinicians are vital in assessing and caring for patients in emergency situations, and ensuring patients go directly to the right hospital for their condition.

To make sure patients receive the right care, the first time and at the right hospital, more than $16 million is being invested under Transforming Health to employ 72 additional paramedics and support staff, expand the ambulance fleet by 12 vehicles and increase and expand metropolitan ambulance stations.

More ambulances and crews

12 extra ambulances will be added to the metropolitan fleet to support an increase of approximately 72 FTE in frontline paramedic and support staff.

More stations, closer to home

Two new ambulance stations will be built in Adelaide’s North and West under Transforming Health.

The new Noarlunga ambulance station is now open and operational. The station has the capacity to house 13 ambulances, 5 specialist response vehicles and 50 operational and administrative staff.

The station was expanded to allow for additional staff as part of Transforming Health. This includes additional crewing facilities, extension of the ambulance bay with four extra ambulance garage spaces and 16 additional staff car parks. Noarlunga ambulance station is located opposite Noarlunga Hospital and is the new regional headquarters for the South, improving service delivery and response times in the area.

Maximising the expertise of Paramedics

Extended Care Paramedics will reduce pressure on Emergency Departments by treating people with certain medical conditions in their own home, reducing the need to take some people to hospital. Extended Care Paramedics are highly-skilled intensive care paramedics who have undertaken additional specialised training.

The right hospital, first time

Improvements in SA Ambulance Service will ensure patients receive the best possible care, from when an ambulance is called to when they are taken to the right hospital for their condition, first time. Ambulances will travel directly to the best hospital for the patient’s condition where the patient will be seen by specialist staff with essential equipment and support services.

If a patient presents at a public hospital, and it is determined that they need to be transferred to another public hospital to receive the appropriate care, patients will not incur the cost for the transfer to another public hospital.

All SA Ambulance Service paramedics, career ambulance officers and volunteer officers are highly skilled and qualified, having undertaken extensive training and education, and are committed to providing the best care across South Australia, regardless of a patient’s location.

As happens now, in some instances and particularly in rural and remote areas of South Australia, unstable patients will be transported to the closest Emergency Department where the appropriate clinical resources are available for the patient to be stabilised. Once stabilised, the patient will be transported to the most appropriate hospital for their ongoing care.

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