Information for Industry Organisations

There is no doubt that Transforming Health’s success relies on the engagement of our people and positive partnerships with consumers and the wider community, unions, universities and research institutes, as well as primary care, industry and professional groups.

On 17 March 2015, the Minister for Health released Delivering Transforming Health – Our Next Steps (PDF 1352KB), which outlines our next steps to deliver Transforming Health to provide the best care, first time, every time.

Transforming Health is the beginning of the conversation. As we work to decide the models of care that will best serve our goal of truly patient-centred care, consultation will continue.

Implementing Transforming Health’s main changes will happen between 2014/15 and 2018/2019. Beyond 2019, Transforming Health will be a journey of continuous improvement applied across the healthcare system.

More information about the system and service changes needed for Transforming Health is available in the Delivering Transforming Health – Our Next Steps (PDF 1352KB) and the Delivering Transforming Health – Summary (PDF 997KB).

Find out more about projects that are being implemented as part of Transforming Health.