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Under Transforming Health, the Royal Adelaide Hospital, and then the new Royal Adelaide Hospital, will provide vital healthcare to South Australians. We will give South Australians access to one of the biggest and most technologically advanced hospital in Australia, including:

  • A major complex multi-trauma Emergency Department with senior doctors rostered on-site around the clock
  • A 24/7 stroke service, with staff and support available on-site around the clock
  • Providing a specialty service for complex elective surgery

Fast emergency care, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week

Royal Adelaide Hospital will be the major multi-trauma hospital for the State. The hospital will have senior doctors and nurses on-site around the clock to respond to life-threatening emergencies. The Emergency Department will also have 24-hour diagnostic and imaging services, a 24-hour on call service for acute coronary syndrome and a 24-hour on-site stroke team. This means that the right specialised teams and equipment will be available whenever major emergencies occur – day or night, weekday or weekend. In an emergency you should always call triple zero (000).

Quicker mental health treatment

Local mental health services will continue to be provided at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. There will be more direct admissions to beds and less time in emergency departments.

Comprehensive surgical services

The Royal Adelaide Hospital will offer 24-hour access to trauma surgery as well as offering high complex elective multi-day surgery.

The Royal Adelaide Hospital will be the statewide centre for services such as complex cancers and bone marrow transplants, craino-maxillo-facial surgery and offer cardiothoracic services with a focus on complex thoracic surgical cases. Under statewide governance, the Royal Adelaide Hospital and Flinders Medical Centre will offer neurosurgical services and treatment. Day surgery will continue across Royal Adelaide Hospital and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital for patients living in Central and Western Adelaide.

More rehabilitation services

Rehabilitation is most successful when it starts as soon as you are ready. That’s why we are integrating rehabilitation into our hospitals and the Royal Adelaide Hospital will provide specialist acute rehabilitation for people with spinal and brain injury. Patients who need ongoing care will be transferred to The Queen Elizabeth Hospital so the most severe spinal and brain injury cases can start sooner at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Allied Health services will be available 7 days a week, as appropriate, to continue to support recovery.

Specialised stroke care

For stroke patients, fast treatment at a specialised stroke unit can be the difference between life and death, or the difference between long-term disability and none. That is why we are going to establish a stroke service at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, with staff and support on-site 24-hours a day, for local patients and all eligible patients needing reperfusion (restoring blood flow to the brain).

Stroke patients who are admitted after hours from another catchment area will be returned to the most appropriate local hospital within 48-72 hours to receive the right treatment close to home.

These changes will not happen immediately and you will be kept up to date with any changes at the Royal Adelaide Hospital before they happen.


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