Modbury Hospital

$32 million has been invested in Modbury Hospital under Transforming Health to build new facilities and significantly expand rehabilitation services in the North and North East, ensuring the community can receive care closer to home.

Modbury Hospital and Lyell McEwin Hospital will work together and complement each other, reducing the time patients in the north and north east wait for surgery, and ensuring they have access to the best possible emergency, surgical, medical and rehabilitative care.

Fast emergency care, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week

Modbury Hospital will continue to operate a specialist led Emergency Department 24/7.

In an emergency, always call 000. Please do not self-present to a hospital or your local GP.

Ambulances are the safest way to be assessed, treated and transported to the right hospital for best care, first time. Paramedics and ambulance officers are highly trained and can start advanced lifesaving treatment and stabilise a patient’s condition at any scene.

In a major emergency or trauma such as a car accident, heart attack or stroke, an ambulance will take you to a major Emergency Department at a hospital like the Lyell McEwin or the Royal Adelaide Hospital, where senior doctors and nurses will be onsite 24 hours a day and specialised diagnostic support is available.

As happens now, any patient who self-presents to the Modbury Hospital Emergency Department will be assessed and treated by a clinician. If a patient requires complex or life-saving care they will be stabilised and transferred to another public hospital. Patients will not pay for the ambulance transfer.

More rehabilitation services for the North

Modbury Hospital is now the rehabilitation hub for the North and North East, ensuring the community has access to rehabilitative care as soon as it’s needed. A new Rehabilitation Centre has been built and wards are being upgraded to accommodate 52 rehabilitation beds.

The facilities are enabling stroke, orthopaedic and amputee patients, as well as those recovering from surgery or other illnesses, to regain their independence and return home faster. Allied health professionals including occupational therapists and physiotherapists provide tailored therapy to ensure patients receive care as soon as possible to promote faster recovery.

The new centre includes:

  • Light and airy lobby
  • Large gymnasium
  • 18 treatment rooms
  • Hydrotherapy pool
  • Therapy garden
  • Laboratory (gait lab) for analysing patient mobility
  • Prosthetics fitting lab and services
  • Therapy kitchen and laundry
  • Tele-rehabilitation to support country patients

Faster access to elective surgery

Modbury Hospital is now the major 23-hour and same-day elective surgery hub for the North and North East, resulting in around 1,800 more elective procedures and the ability to care for 3,000 additional patients per year. This means residents have faster access to elective surgery, closer to home.

Emergency and complex surgery is now focused to Lyell McEwin Hospital, including a comprehensive 24/7 emergency orthopaedic trauma surgery service providing faster access to orthopaedic surgery. Previously, orthopaedic surgery was only available at Lyell McEwin Hospital from Monday to Friday.

Expanded one-stop breast cancer service

An expanded one-stop breast service at Modbury Hospital gives women access to a breast surgeon, radiologist and a breast care nurse in the one location, speeding up diagnosis and treatment.

Better mental health treatment

Local mental health services will continue to be provided at Modbury Hospital. People will spend less time in emergency departments and have quicker access to appropriate care.

Building on previous investment

Since 2002, $30 million has been invested in Modbury Hospital to improve services and hospital infrastructure for residents in the north and north east. The improvements included:

  • expansion and redevelopment of the emergency department
  • significant upgrade and improvements to the engineering infrastructure
  • provision for a new 20-bed rehabilitation inpatient ward.

In addition, a further $12.5 million has been invested to establish the GP Plus Super Clinics at Modbury and Gilles Plains.

Working with the Lyell McEwin Hospital

Since 2002, $314 million has been invested in the Lyell McEwin Hospital, enabling it to become to the major tertiary hospital for the north and north eastern area.

The hospital manages major emergency patients for the area, supported by 24 hour senior doctors and nurses and diagnostic and imaging support.

The hospital has also increased complexity and volume across the current range of surgical services and offers 24 hour, 7-day access to an orthopaedic trauma surgery service.

Under Transforming Health, upgrades included a new CT scanner and a new cardiac catheter laboratory.

These services are in addition to a range of other services provided at the Lyell McEwin Hospital, including paediatrics, obstetrics and mental health.

Together, Lyell McEwin Hospital and Modbury Hospital will complement each other to ensure that north and north eastern residents get the best care, first time every time.

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