Lyell McEwin Hospital

The Lyell McEwin Hospital has undergone a major expansion over the past fourteen years. Additional facilities and services have been provided as part of Transforming Health, enabling the Lyell McEwin Hospital to become the major tertiary hospital of the north and north eastern area.

The hospital has increased the complexity and volume across the current range of surgical services and offers 24 hour 7 day access to orthopaedic surgery.

A new cardiac catheter laboratory has been built and CT scanner support has been increased in radiology and oncology.

These services are in addition to a range of other services provided at the Lyell McEwin Hospital, including paediatrics, obstetrics and mental health.

Building on previous investment

Since 2002, $314 million has been invested in the Lyell McEwin Hospital over a continuous three stage redevelopment.

Completed works within the various redevelopment stages include:

  • construction of a new 50 bed mental health building, a new 96 bed inpatient building including a new helipad facility, a new women’s health and paediatric in-patient building, a new eight bed Extended Emergency Care Unit and a new administrative, teaching and research space
  • expansion of the intensive care unit and outpatient department and external site works
  • refurbishment of inpatient palliative care and medical wards, Aboriginal Health services, outpatient facilities, SA Pathology services, medical imaging, operating theatres and day procedures unit and oncology facilities including provision of two linear accelerators
  • significant upgrade and improvements to the engineering infrastructure

A new multi-deck car park was constructed in early 2010, more than tripling the number of parking spaces available for staff and visitors.

The redevelopment works are an important part of developing the Lyell McEwin Hospital to become the major hospital for the north and north east.

Fast emergency care, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week

In an emergency, always call 000. Please do not self-present to a hospital or your local GP.

Lyell McEwin Hospital manages major emergency patients, supported by 24 hour senior doctors and nurses to respond to life-threatening emergencies.

The Emergency Department is equipped with diagnostic and imaging services, available 24 hours a day.

Faster orthopaedic trauma surgery

A comprehensive 24 hour 7 day orthopaedic trauma surgery service at the hospital provides faster access to orthopaedic surgery for north and north east residents. Previously, orthopaedic surgery patients presenting on a Friday would wait, on average, around 150 hours for their surgery. Most patients will now receive their emergency orthopaedic surgery within 24 hours.

Comprehensive surgical services

Lyell McEwin Hospital is the major hospital for emergency, complex and multi day surgery in the north and north east. The hospital has increased complexity and volume across the range of surgical services.

Day surgery and other procedures continue to be available at Lyell McEwin Hospital.

Improved services for heart patients

A new cardiac catheter laboratory has been built at Lyell McEwin Hospital, allowing more local residents with heart conditions to be diagnosed and treated closer to home.

Better services for cancer patients

The Northern Adelaide Cancer Centre now includes a new CT scanner which supports faster access to therapy planning, enabling cancer patients in the north to receive treatment closer to home.

Improved stroke care

For stroke patients, fast treatment at a specialised stroke unit can be the difference between life and death, or the difference between long-term disability and none. The Lyell McEwin Hospital has extended emergency stroke care hours on-site from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week for local patients, ensuring they receive fast treatment in a specialised unit.

Better mental health treatment

Local mental health services will continue to be provided at Lyell McEwin Hospital. There will be less time spent in Emergency Departments.

The best women’s and children’s care

Lyell McEwin Hospital provides emergency and elective surgical care to children in northern Adelaide, as well as complex care to acutely ill newborns. The hospital’s Special Care Nursery will continue.

More rehabilitation services for the North

Allied Health services are available seven days a week, as appropriate, to support recovery.

Services managed across Modbury Hospital and Lyell McEwin Hospital

Lyell McEwin Hospital is the major tertiary hospital for the north and north eastern area and manages major emergency patients, supported by 24 hour senior doctors and nurses and diagnostic and imaging support.

Modbury Hospital is the major elective surgery and rehabilitation hub for the north and north eastern area.

Together, Lyell McEwin Hospital and Modbury Hospital will complement each other to ensure that north and north eastern residents get the best care, first time every time.


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