Transforming Health Consumer and Community Engagement Committee

SA Health is committed to actively engaging with and seeking the views of consumers to ensure that Transforming Health truly reflects the values, needs and preferences of health consumers, carers and the community.

The Consumer and Community Engagement Committee (the Committee) has been established to guide engagement with consumer and community groups throughout the implementation of Transforming Health.

The Committee is chaired by the Chief Executive of the Health Consumers Alliance of South Australia (HCA). HCA is the peak body for health consumers and consumer organisations in SA. The Committee includes broad membership from consumers and the community including:

  • Local Health Networks (LHNs)
  • people with a disability
  • aged care
  • mental health
  • rural health
  • rehabilitation
  • Veteran health
  • palliative care
  • hospitals
  • critical care
  • oncology
  • carers
  • LGBTIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and questioning) health
  • multicultural communities.

Health consumer workshop

On 7 May 2015, HCA facilitated a consumers and carers workshop with representatives from health consumer organisations, LHNs and SA Health, to seek information and advice about the first steps needed to establish the Committee. It was an opportunity for participants to provide advice and input into the principles, membership, key actions and recommendations for the Committee.

At the workshop, attendees identified six key themes as priorities for the Committee:

  • authentic consumer and community engagement
  • access at a comprehensive level
  • vulnerable populations
  • key indicators and evaluation
  • information provision, community education and health literacy
  • primary health care.

Committee establishment

Following its inaugural meeting in July 2015, the Committee has been meeting regularly to develop a strategic action plan. The six themes identified as priorities at the workshop in May provide the basis for the action plan.

The principles guiding the Consumer and Community Engagement Committee are:

  • consumer centred and directed care
  • authentic partnership not tokenism
  • accountability
  • diversity and inclusion
  • equity
  • accessibility
  • evaluation and continuous improvement
  • transparency
  • trust, integrity and respect
  • wellness and prevention.

HCA also assists with recruiting appropriate consumers to the clinical working groups which are established under the Ministerial Clinical Advisory Group (MCAG) to review and redesign health services so that they meet the Clinical Standards of Care.

To facilitate its liaison role with consumers, the Committee engages with and seeks the advice, support and expertise of existing organisations, including the Local Health Networks, Health Advisory Councils and Consumer and Community Advisory Groups, and consumer bodies with engagement responsibilities.

The Committee will provide regular reports to SA Health to ensure consumer and community ideas, feedback and concerns are considered throughout the implementation of Transforming Health.

More information

Visit the Health Consumers Alliance of South Australia website for more information and to view recent communiques from the Committee.