Flinders Medical Centre

Under the Transforming Health plan, the State Government is investing $185.5 million to improve and upgrade facilities at Flinders Medical Centre, including:

  • A new rehabilitation centre, with 55 rehabilitation beds, new gyms and a hydrotherapy pool so rehabilitation can start sooner
  • Southern Adelaide Palliative Services will relocate to Level 5 of the new rehabilitation building, offering access to shared spaces and a large rooftop garden
  • More car parking, with a new 1780 space multi-deck car park (1220 more spaces than currently exist) to make it easier to visit loved ones
  • A dedicated orthogeriatric service
  • A new centre for the Older Persons’ Mental Health Service

Building on our investment

Since 2002, $193 million has been invested in the Flinders Medical Centre to undertake projects that improve facilities for residents in Southern Adelaide, including:

  • construction of a new south wing building, including a Birthing and Assessment Suite and a Maternity and Gynaecology Unit. The building is also the first health facility in Australia to achieve an “As Built” 5 star rating from the Green Building Council of Australia
  • construction of a new Emergency Department, completely redeveloped to provide an additional 21 treatments cubicles, including an ocean-themed paediatrics emergency area, time critical bays and an ambulance deck canopy
  • expansion of the Intensive and Critical Care Unit by eight beds, taking the total number of beds to 32
  • a new 30-bed Acute Medical Unit located adjacent to the Emergency Department
  • a new purpose built 20-bed Cardiac Care Unit
  • a redeveloped and expanded operating theatre suite, including ten new state-of-the-art operating theatres, plus two additional shell theatres for future expansion and a new Day of Surgery Admissions Unit
  • new MRI/CT imaging facility
  • refurbished paediatric inpatient ward
  • significant upgrade to the site engineering infrastructure and refurbishment of Central Sterilising Services Department facilities
  • construction of a decked car park and completion of the Margaret Tobin Centre.

The planned $17.5 million Neonatal Unit Redevelopment project will continue. This will deliver the best care to unwell babies.

We now want to build on this investment to ensure our healthcare system provides consistent, quality care first time, every time.

Fast emergency care, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week

Flinders Medical Centre will offer a major Emergency Department, with senior doctors and nurses on-site around the clock to respond to life-threatening emergencies and trauma. The Emergency Department will also be equipped with 24-hour diagnostic and imaging services, a 24-hour on-call service for acute coronary syndrome cases and an on-site stroke service operating 8am – 8pm, 7 days a week. This means that the right specialised teams and equipment will be available whenever major emergencies occur – day or night, weekday or weekend. In an emergency you should always call triple zero (000).

Improved stroke care

For stroke patients, fast treatment at a specialised stroke unit can be the difference between life and death, or the difference between long-term disability and none. That is why Flinders Medical Centre will continue to provide emergency stroke care on-site 7 days a week, 8am to 8pm for local patients and all eligible patients needing reperfusion (restoring blood flow to the brain).

Comprehensive surgical services

Flinders Medical Centre will become a hub for complex and specialised surgeries in the South. Complex surgeries from Noarlunga Hospital and the Repatriation General Hospital as well as a statewide cardiothoracic service, which will focus on complex cardio surgical cases, will be based at Flinders Medical Centre. 24-hour trauma surgery will also be available at Flinders Medical Centre so patients can receive the best care, straight away.

Day surgery and other procedures will continue to be managed across Flinders Medical Centre and Noarlunga Hospital for people living in the South.

More rehabilitation services for the South

Rehabilitation is most successful when it starts as soon you are ready. That’s why we are integrating rehabilitation into our hospitals and want to expand in a new rehabilitation building at Flinders Medical Centre, with 55 rehabilitation beds and new gyms and pool. These services will support acute rehabilitation for patients in dedicated stroke and orthogeriatric units. Allied Health services will be available 7 days a week, as appropriate,  to support patient recovery and timely discharge from hospital.

Babies and children’s care

Under statewide governance, Flinders Medical Centre will provide emergency and elective surgical care to children in Southern Adelaide.

The Neonatal unit at Flinders Medical Centre will be upgraded with a $17.5 million redevelopment. Level 6 Neonatal services will continue at Flinders Medical Centre.

Quicker mental health treatment

Local mental health services will continue to be provided at Flinders Medical Centre. There will be more direct admissions to beds and less time in emergency departments.

Improved services for the elderly

Hospitals are particularly hazardous for older people. The longer someone remains in hospital, the higher the risk of their condition deteriorating, infection, falls and more fractures. That is why we are going to establish a single statewide model of care for orthogeriatric services, including a dedicated orthogeriatric unit at Flinders Medical Centre, to ensure elderly patients are treated quickly and get home sooner. We also want to build a new purpose-built psychogeriatric ward, to look after older people with specific mental health needs.

Palliative care services

A Clinical Working Party has recommended Flinders Medical Centre as the new location for Southern Adelaide Palliative Services.

The service will be located on Level 5 of the new rehabilitation building and will have 15 single rooms, all with individual bathrooms, providing greater privacy and the comfort and dignity that patients and their families deserve.

The new fit-for-purpose facility will feature access to shared spaces and a large rooftop garden with panoramic views, ensuring a therapeutic and comforting environment for both patients and their loved ones.

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Information for Staff

Information about the next steps for Transforming Health and Flinders Medical Centre are outlined in Delivering Transforming Health – Our Next Steps.

Reconfiguring how we deliver our services may mean changing the ways we work and, for some, where, at what times and in teams that are formed in new ways. With change will come opportunities for our staff to develop in their roles, enhance their skill sets, and demonstrate their capacities to lead.

Transforming Health is the beginning of the conversation. As we work to decide the models of care that will best serve our goal of truly patient-centred care, consultation will continue with clinicians, staff and the unions that represent them.

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