Education and Training

The changes taking place as part of Transforming Health will have an impact on the way education and training is delivered at South Australian hospitals and SA Health is committed to ongoing engagement and information sharing with clinical students, trainees and other staff who may be affected by these changes.

The Transforming Health Education Expert (THEE) Group has been established to provide a forum for discussion about how these changes impact on education and training provided through the SA public healthcare system.

THEE Group provides strategic advice to the Ministerial Clinical Advisory Group (MCAG) expert working groups and guides engagement with students, trainees and SA Health staff regarding the implications of Transforming Health on education, placements and training.

THEE Group includes representatives from a range of faculties such as universities, associations, colleges and SA Health who have experience in a range of service areas, including:

  • Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics
  • Remote and rural services
  • Junior doctors
  • Health sciences
  • Nursing and midwifery
  • SA MET
  • Colleges
  • Better Placed.

For more information about how Transforming Health affects education and training in each discipline, view: